JAYA’S New Nectar

10th May 2023

Jaya's New Nectar Rosé Spumante

Since 2020, JAYA has offered three vintages: JAYA dei Colli Prosecco Superiore DOCG, JAYA Brut DOC and JAYA Spumante. The big news this year is JAYA Rosé, a wine made with the same care and passion as their others. “Our JAYA Rosé is an elegant and refined sparkling wine, revealing subtle aromas of red fruits, cherries and roses,” says Tancredi Pascale. “We worked hard to find the perfect balance between freshness and roundness, thanks to the blend of Glera, Pinot Gris and Cabernet Franc.”

“JAYA Rosé offers flattering aromas of red fruits that we appreciate in rosés, as well as a delicate floral touch on the nose,” shares Fabien Mene, Switzerland’s best sommelier of 2021, who attended the launch. “The green apple, which is typical of the Glera grape variety, is also present, and the Cabernet Franc brings a more complex side to the wine, while the Pinot Gris adds a more exuberant side. On the palate, the wine has a refreshing acidity, well-controlled bubbles providing a nice texture, and a good balance with a saline finish that gives length and immediate pleasure. JAYA Rosé is a real treat.”


The story of JAYA Prosecco is above all one of passion, tradition and a family’s heritage. The company was founded in 2017 by the young Swiss-Italian entrepreneur Tancredi Pascale. Alongside his partner, Nathalie L’Eplattenier, he has an ambitious aim: to restore the prestige of Prosecco and provide consumers with information to help them rediscover it. While it is most associated with time spent with friends and family, this famous sparkling white wine is much more than just an ingredient in an Aperol Spritz.


Prosecco is currently the most commonly sold sparkling wine worldwide, far exceeding Champagne. In the last 10 years, annual Prosecco production has increased from 200 million bottles to almost 800 million, all types taken together. Prosecco owes much of its international success to the popularity of cocktails in which it is included as an ingredient, in particular the Aperol Spritz, or more recently the Hugo. It is protected by a “Denominazione di origine controllata” (DOC), or “controlled designation of origin”, and is as such produced exclusively in North-eastern Italy, in nine provinces extending from Veneto to Friuli Venezia Giulia.

This sparkling wine is also more complex than you might think! It is made using Glera grapes, a strong traditional variety that is native to the region, which requires very specific handling.

To meet rising demand, the Italian authorities relaxed regulations and allowed Glera grapes to be mixed with other varieties, with these other grapes comprising up to 15% of the wine. This favours quantity over quality.


For Tancredi Pascale, following this siren call would be out of the question. His Prosecco, called JAYA, which means “victory” in Sanskrit, is made of 100% Glera grapes. Having inherited a small production site nestled in the province of Treviso, in the craggy hills of Conegliano Valdobbiadene, a UNESCO world heritage site, he intends to defend his family’s values which have been passed down over four generations of passionate grape growers.

Tancredi brought to bear his passionate, demanding and uncompromising work ethic to create JAYA in 2017. He strives to produce an artisan Prosecco, made from 100% hand-harvested Glera grapes and produced following traditional methods, with full transparency.

He has invested heavily to restore Prosecco’s reputation, as it is currently (and incorrectly) seen as a low quality, overly sweet wine, which has been spoiled by an industry in search of increased quantity. Tancredi is tirelessly pursuing his goals: to offer very high quality and unique Prosecco while also giving consumers more information about Prosecco and helping them create precious memories with family and friends. To do this, he has set up a programme offering tours to their vineyard, group tasting sessions, workshops for companies and individuals, and more.


As an independent company that both produces and distributes Prosecco, JAYA products are made using sustainable, eco-friendly methods, in order to minimise the carbon footprint of the production and distribution processes. They are not available in retail outlets, but can be found in the hospitality sector and via private channels. Another issue that is important to Tancredi is transparency throughout the production process. As a result, he has implemented a traceability programme in partnership with Product DNA, an independent company based in Switzerland. All his bottles include a unique number and QR code which makes them traceable.

Each vintage sold includes detailed product information (reference number, image, quantity, batch), the raw materials used (type of material, suppliers and certificates), as well as the product line stages (suppliers, certificates and audits).

JAYA Prosecco was founded by Tancredi Pascale in 2017, and since 2020 it has offered four exceptional vintages, each made with passion in a vineyard in the hills of Conegliano Valdobbiadene which has belonged to the family since 1960. As an independent company, JAYA Prosecco produced almost 40,000 bottles in 2022 and aims to increase its annual production to 500,000 bottles in the next five years, with an average price of between CHF 12.50 to CHF 17.50.


Cindy Bernadette, Singer-Songwriter – Singapore – “I’ve never had any interest in Prosecco before until I was introduced to JAYA. It’s Authentic. The velvety taste is unbelievably pleasant. The exclusive aromatic fragrance surround you as you slowly sip and it just grows within you. I feel like I’m having a celebration of life on the best season with a gentle breeze. This is the kind of exclusive Prosecco that doesn’t go straight to your head, instead .. it will go straight to your heart. Bottom line is, I just fell in love with JAYA.”

Jasmine Gfeller, multiple restaurant owner & private customer – “JAYA Prosecco is the smallest of bubbles that brings the biggest of smiles! Crisp, vibrant and highly aromatic; the perfect effervescent profile. My go to celebration bubbles, now and always!”

Nicolas Coppel, Head Sommelier with Brevet Fédéral, Head Sommelier at Chez Philippe, Geneva – “The finesse of the bubbles combined with the floral and fruity notes give this wine great freshness: a real pleasure to drink!”

Chef Edgard Bovier, 1 Michelin star, 17/20 Gault et Millau, and his wife Deborah Bovier I discovered JAYA Prosecco one summer evening with friends – “JAYA is natural Italian elegance. A perfect balance between its fine aromatic bubbles and the freshness of its youth. JAYA is pure dolce vita. It’s beautiful.”

Alexandre Centeleghe, Dipl. WSET, Oenology teacher at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne – “I am delighted to show my students on a daily basis that Prosecco “is also this”: an Italian sparkling wine made by craftsmen with respect for their vineyards. JAYA Prosecco is distinguished by the quality and finesse of its bubbles, the pleasant balance between freshness and sweetness and the pleasant persistence of its finish. Congratulations to JAYA and its team.”

Jean-Jacques Gauer, President of ARH (Association Romande des Hôteliers), Owner & Hotel manager, Chairman of The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd. from 1989 to 2009 – “What I like about JAYA is the desire to do things well and respect tradition. Going against what the mass industry is asking of you. Tancredi not only rebrands Prosecco but also brings a name. JAYA is what my wife and I drink when we want bubbles done right and that’s what we are happy to serve our customers.”

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Oliver Walkey

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