Jeanjean & Ormarine Piquepoul Extra Brut

29th October 2014

Jeanjean & Ormarine (J&O) are proud to introduce you to a new and different sparkling wine, our  J&O Piquepoul extra brut.

This sparkling wine, 100% made out of the piquepoul grape, is made following the traditional method, such as the great sparkling wines. The style is light and fresh, and this is a sparkler that you can enjoy on any occasion, all around the year. It has a hint of salinity, coming from the proximity of the vineyards from the Mediterranean, and this gives it a unique charm. The bubble if fine and persistant.

This wine is born in the oyster producing region of the Thau lagoon, thus we recommend you to enjoy it with its natural partner, the oyster !, but it will also be a great pairing to lobster, crabs, langoustines and the most renowned fish, such as St Pierre or Sole.


J&O will also be very nice serve chilled, on its own, for apéritive or all along your meal! If you are looking for a wine that will surprise your guests, we recommend you to try this new experience.

Méthode Traditionnelle

J&O, the signature of a sparkling collaboration between JEANJEAN, a historic wine negociant in the Languedoc , and the ORMARINE winery where the Piquepoul grape is perfectly at home. J&O is an unforgettable experience, a chance for you to taste one of the pearls of the Mediterranean.


Appellation: Vin mousseux de qualité / Sparkling wine South of France

Grape variety: 100% Piquepoul

Colour: White

Terroir: “Between the garrigue and the Mediterranean”. Vineyards are planted on small hills, facing the sea, surrounded by natural garrigue (scrubland), sun-drenched and caressed by the sea breeze. Our grapes grow in a very “aromatic” environment, where the salty air coming from the sea on the windy days mix with the garrigue smells of pine trees, rosemary and thyme.

Vinification: “Méthode Traditionnelle”
This sparkling wine is made using secondary fermentation in bottle which is the method used by the world’s greatest sparkling wines. After 9 months, the bottle is untapped to let the lees get out of the bottle, and the final corking takes place.

Tasting notes: Its delicacy, elegance and definite character offer a delightful surprise to those who love quality sparkling wines. This is a wine to be enjoyed with family and friends. With its subtle fruity flavour and hints of blackcurrant, raspberry and blackberry, J&O is the new sparkling sensation. Serve chilled. Its full flavour makes it excellent as aperitif or all along your meal.



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