Jenkyn Place looks forward to a bumper harvest this year

1st October 2014

Jenkyn Place looks forward to a bumper harvest this year

Hampshire-based sparkling wine producer, Jenkyn Place is expecting a bumper harvest this year with the vines flourishing and grapes in top condition.

Owner, Simon Bladon, says, “We are really excited about the 2014 harvest which looks set to be our biggest and best to date – we’re expecting between 80 and 100 tonnes of grapes. Conditions in our vineyard have been near-perfect and the vines have never looked so good. Thanks to the location of our vineyards and some expert vine pruning, we have largely avoided botrytis too. September has remained mild, as forecast and we’re all set to start picking in early October.

Dermot Sugrue, winemaker for Jenkyn Place, agrees, “We’ve had a wonderful year, with an earlier than usual bud-burst, followed by a glorious spring and near-perfect flowering conditions. July remained very warm, dry and calm and this continued well into August and although disease pressure during these weeks was high, the vines looked green, healthy and happy. After a colder spell at the end of August, September has been warm, sunny and dry and we are anticipating a fantastic vintage, with excellent levels of ripeness. It promises to be an abundant crop and a super-busy harvest, a couple of weeks earlier than last year.


Camilla Bladon, marketing manager at Jenkyn Place, says, “We’re confident that the 2010 Brut Cuvée will live up to the 2009 vintage, which won a host of international awards and accolades. Our winemaker, Dermot Sugrue, is very excited about the 2010 vintage and says it’s the best he has tasted to date.

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