Joseph Perrier: The House

29th August 2014

Joseph Perrier: The House

Our Reflecting Light
The light reflecting sections in our cellars were created soon after our foundation in 1825, in the days long before electric light, to bring sunlight into our cellars.

Our Environment

We maintain a close relationship with the environment – respecting nature so that the champagnes fully express their natural potential after long and gentle ageing. Our champagnes lie quietly under the arboretum which has been planted on the hill over the cellars to help naturally regulate the environment below.

Our Cellars
This is where we work, and they are also our pride and joy! Following expansion of the original Gallo-Roman galleries, the cellars now extend for around three kilometres deep into the hill, illuminated by the shafts wich bring in the gentle natural light and ventilation. The bottles lie horizontally “sur lattes” and in the pupitres throughout the galleries in perfect conditions of constant temperature and light. These start immediately behind the winery and the labelling hall.

Our Vineyards
All our 21 hectares are beautifully situated on south facing slopes of the vineyards overlooking the Marne river-planted with the three classic grapes Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay.

Glass of Bubbly

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