Know These 7 Tempting Food to Be Paired With Champagne

7th June 2019

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There is an exceptional relationship between food and wines. It goes beyond the evolution of great winemaking and professional cooking. The popularity of Champagne has impacted the many ways people pair their meals these days. Thanks to the fact that Champagne is diet-friendly, it has been a great wine choice for many families and event organizers.

Pairing Champagne with different cuisine is not a new trend. It is a practice that has a deep-rooted history that many people have been embracing over the years. Even for those stuck comparing between a gas vs charcoal grill, they can also pair their grilled food with Champagne. In essence, pitching Champagne and food may not be an easy undertaking but you can still strike a balance of flavour texture and intensity.

Tempting Food to Pair with Champagne – What to Know

Champagne goes well with lots of food. However, to enjoy a better dining experience, you need to be choosy on the type of food you go for. Here are seven tempting food you can easily pair with Champagne. Have a look;

1. Poached eggs with smoked salmons toasts and parmesan

Food delivers great pleasures when properly served and blended with a bottle of wine. A smoked salmon wrapped around toasts and poached eggs will bring the message home, especially if extra Champagne is sprinkled on the toast.

2. Mustard glazed black cod with chive puree and fingerlings

The ingredients used to make this dish are exceptional and will go great with your favourite Champagne. The aroma balance or bridge between the recipe and your glass of wine will blend perfectly well. The dish will look even more delicious if you opt for small Yukon potatoes and sliced fingerlings.

3. Dark chocolate covered with almonds

If you are into desserts, dark chocolate covered almonds will go well with sweeter Champagne. This is not an overly sweet dessert meal that you will definitely love to share with loved ones.

4. Grilled chicken breasts with grapefruit glaze

Champagne is great alone and you can drink it from the bottle. But then again, you can bring home an amazing dining experience by blending it with chicken breasts nested with a tart, bitter and sweet glaze. This recipe will make the whole meal enjoyable and satisfying. As you embrace the power of your gas or charcoal grill, don’t forget to get the best bottle of your favourite Champagne.

5. Fried mushrooms

If you are new into the cooking world, bear in mind that fried food and Champagne are best of friends. You will definitely enjoy your dinner and get it right if you opt for your best champagne and fried mushrooms. The earthiness of mushrooms will compliment well with rich fruity notes of the best champagne you pour into your sophisticated wine glass.

6. BBQ chicken sandwich

There is no better way of making your BBQ chicken sandwich more delicious and savoury than blending the meal with smoky BBQ sauce. Try and shun a too spicy sauce as well as choose Champagne that is not too subtle. You want to keep the delicate flavours of your dish. Feel free to add caramelized onions, and your dish will definitely go well with a bottle of your favourite Champagne with bubbles.

7. Seared pork with roasted grapes

Pork and grapes are an exceptional blend. They make a delicious meal if beautifully paired with champagne. Make sure the pork is properly seasoned on both sides. You can use pepper and salt. Give the grapes enough time to roast, until they are slightly bursting and wilted. Your favourite Champagne brand will without a doubt go well with this savoury dish.

To Sum Up

It’s easy to heighten your dining experience if you pair your favourite Champagne with perfect cuisine. However, you need to be considerate in your dining endeavours. Keep in mind that each sparkling wine is unique and can impact the flavours, texture and complexity of the food you eat.

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