Krug Collection 1989

28th April 2015

Krug Collection 1989

To the delight of the collectors around the world, a very limited number of bottles of Krug Vintage are kept in the Krug’s cellars. These bottles are tasted and appraised as they wait to blossom into a second life.

Krug 1989 is the result of this contrasting year ending with a very warm summer which gave mature, expressive, long lasting, complete and silky wines. To express the character of this year, the House blended well-structured and persistent Pinot Noirs (47%), rich Chardonnays (29%) and sparkling fresh Meunier (24%). Now, over 22 years later, Krug Collection 1989 sparks new sensations that have developed expressing an outstanding new facet of this Champagne.


Tasting Notes:

Deep intense golden yellow colour that announces maturity, opulence, harmony and elegance. Exotic, complex nose consisting of honey with spices and white fruits, truffle, earth, slightly browned apples, a hint of high-toned flowers, yeast, and a gentle nuttiness in the back-ground.

Deep palate with bright, high youthful tones of pear, green apple, citrus fruits, marmalade, fresh figs and even a touch of earth with a finish which goes on and on with undertones of mineral and spices.


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