Krug Rosé

30th April 2015

champagne krug rosé

Krug Rosé was born of the House of Krug’s desire to offer the Krug vision of what a Rosé Champagne should be to those Krug Lovers who had been seeking it. It is an unprecedented Champagne with the same creative spirit that goes into Krug Grande Cuvée, beyond the very notion of vintage.

Tasting Notes:

Unexpected subtleness of its pale pink colour, promise of elegance and refinement. Aromas of rose hips, cured ham, mulberries, redcurrant, peony, pepper & pink grapefruit. Delicate flavours of honey, citrus & dried fruit with long ending, enhanced by its subtle bubbles.

Krug Rosé can be enjoyed alone or with foie gras, lamb, game, white meat, venison or anchovies, as well as very savoury and spicy dishes.

What makes it unique?

Krug Rosé is everywhere we don’t expect it to be, in terms of texture, colour and taste. A completely reinvented Rosé Universe. Krug Rosé is decidedly the most non-conformist of Krug Champagnes. Surprising and extraordinary, Krug Rosé is a controversy that is positively… delicious.

It is the first prestige cuvee Rosé to be re-created each year, beyond the very notion of vintage. Together with Krug’s other cuvees, it has made Krug the world’s best rated Champagne for years.

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