La Champagnerie – Sabering Bar in Canada

21st May 2016

La Champagnerie - Sabering Bar in Canada

Opened in 2013 in the old port, La Champagnerie currently holds the largest private collection of imported Champagne and sparkling wines in Quebec, Canada.

La Champagnerie is THE place for some bubbly, whether you sip it with your pinky in the air or not. From the great vintages of Champagne to the fine bubbles of sparkling wine, La Champagnerie is the perfect place for a 5 à 7 between co-workers, a night out with friends or a special occasion!

The Only Sabering Bar in Canada
Not only do we stand apart from the competition in the number and variety of products we offer, La Champagnerie is the first and only bar in Canada where customers can saber their own bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine. We’ve sabered over 12, 000 bottles in our first 2 years!

The team at La Champagnerie – hand-picked for their expertise and passion – are masters of the ancestral practice and it is with pleasure that they transmit that knowledge to customers who wish to experience the art for themselves.

A Refined Palate
A drink, and then…? Something to eat! La Champagnerie isn’t only a bar. It’s also a restaurant where you can eat like a king. Just like our wine menu, our food selection is as refined as it is accessible and is suitable for a wide variety of events. Oysters, seafood, tartars and deli platters are just some of our offerings, which change according to the discretion of Chef Jacques Coutu and our

Champagne, a meal… and then what?
Those who like to dance will also be satisfied! Every Friday and Saturday night La Champagnerie hosts excellent DJs that will have you shaking your groove thing to the best house, R&B, and remixed Top 40 tracks. You’ll find our resident DJs Zo, Mac D, JaBig or Quintyne Small on the 1’s and 2’s every weekend.

An effervescent décor
Inspired by Art Nouveau, La Champagnerie seamlessly unites the old with the modern. Imagine a space where stone mixes with the natural shapes of brass and forged steel, and where the vintage LPs of Édith Pilaf rotate on an antique gramophone.

Sabering Wednesdays
Every Wednesday from 5pm to 8pm Champagne and sparkling wines are sabered for half price. The drinks on special are accompanied by a sampling platter thoughtfully compiled each week by the Chef, according to his expert taste and market availability and for those who are really thirsty, bottles of Champagne are at a special price all night long.

Pearly Thursdays
On Thursdays, it’s molluscs that are the centre of attention! From 5pm to closing, discover oysters in all their glory. Always the visionary, our chef proposes a wide range of original creations that will delight even the pickiest of guests.


Glass of Bubbly

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