L’Acadie Vineyard Sparkling Wines

20th February 2014

a glass of bubbly to enjoy in england

All our Sparkling wine are crafted in the same traditional method used in France.

Traditional method sparkling wines have their greatest successes when grown in cool climates that can ripen grapes at moderate sugar levels. Nova Scotia has an ideal climate.


Fermentation takes place in the bottle that it is sold in. The result – fine delicate bubbles and ageing on yeast sediment (lees) for extended periods giving it celebrated bread aromas.

Hand riddling and hand disgorging to remove the lees ensures utmost quality.

Prestige Brut

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Along with the Prestige Brut, there are also Sparkling Rosé,  Vintage Cuvée  and Vintage Cuvée Rosé sparkling wines.

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Glass of Bubbly

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