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20th February 2014

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Bruce Ewert and his Nova Scotian-born wife Pauline Scott moved their young family to Nova Scotia in 2004 and founded L’Acadie Vineyards in the Gaspereau Valley. Bruce identified that the region had great potential for crafting sparkling wine and in 2008, released the first traditional method sparkling wine in Nova Scotia. Since then, national and international accolades for his sparklings have proven his passion.

The name L’Acadie Vineyards was chosen after the rich farming history of our area. The original name Acadie is credited to explorer Verrazzano who named all lands north of Virginia including the Atlantic provinces Arcadia, after the Arcadia district in Greece meaning refuge or idyllic place.

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L’Acadie Vineyards has been certified organic since inception. They are the first vineyard and winery in Nova Scotia to be certified organic and are leaders in encouraging others to grow organically. All wines are made with 100% Nova Scotia grapes.

Traditional method sparkling wines have their greatest successes when grown in cool climates that can ripen grapes at moderate sugar levels. Nova Scotia has a cool climate, tempered by the Atlantic Ocean, that ripens grapes at ideal sugar and acid balances rivaling the best established cool climate winemaking areas in the world.

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Bruce Ewert, winemaker and proprietor of L’Acadie Vineyards, is a sparkling winemaker with international experience and proceeded to pioneer the first leading award winning releases.

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