Lambrini Strawberry

17th June 2014

Lambrini has introduced a fresh new summer flavour to its iconic fruits range: Lambrini Strawberry.

Fans of Lambrini choose the new flavour in an online poll.

Lambrini Strawberry is the ideal accompaniment for any summer picnic, party or soirée, and its introduction is the latest addition to the Lambrini fruits range since the creation of its popular Apple & Blackcurrant flavour in 2012.

Lorna Tweed, Brand Manager for Lambrini at Halewood International, comments: “Despite being a natural progression for the brand to extend the fruits range, it’s clear that fruit berry flavours are favoured by our target consumer and summer events will allow us to attract a completely new audience. Lambrini Strawberry brings something new and adds vibrancy to the range both in taste and appearance, and we’re expecting it to be huge, especially during the strawberries and cream season!”


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