Lambrusco Spumante Rosé

29th July 2021

Lambrusco Spumante Rosé

If you love bubbles then you must look out for the word spumante (‘foaming’ in Italian) when you are searching Italian wines. Spumante will tell you that the wine will be sparkling and Italian:

Spumante is a classification of Italian Sparkling Wine, Spumante can be produced in any area of Italy with any grape variety, it also has two different production methods, including both the Classic Champenoise Method and the Charmat Method.

Lambrusco will also indicate an Italian wine that is most likely to be sparkling and red, though now white and rosé options are also available. Lambrusco is made from a range of six grape varieties with the three main examples being Salamino, Grasparossa, and Sorbara.

So, the last part of this title is rosé and we are all quite familiar with this type of wine and colour which can range from an ever so light shade of pink to darker shades to include such descriptions as salmon pink and copper colouring. A rosé sparkling wine will likely be made from red grapes so to obtain the colouring from the skin contact or will have had red wine added to the blend.

Understanding Italian Sparkling Wine labels

Understanding Italian Sparkling Wine labels


Lambrusco Spumante Rosé:

Now we are clearer with the descriptive words then we know we are looking at an Italian sparkling wine and will be using a red grape in order to give us rosé coloured bubbly in our glass.

I decided to check our sparkling wine collection with these keywords in mind and one which ticked all these boxes was an example from VentiVenti. A silver medal winner at the 2020 Glass of Bubbly Awards in the category of ‘Zesty & Zingy’. I of course wanted to pop open the bottle and see how well our judges reviewed and awarded this wine…

Ventiventi – Rosé Lambrusco Rosato ModenaTasting notes: “Soft peach, citrus, red berries, pink floral on the nose. A great zesty refreshing citrus / red berry burst. A touch dry character in the length.

Christopher Walkey

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