Lanson International Champagne Category Report 2015

30th May 2015

Lanson International Champagne Category Report 2015

2014 was another fantastic year for both Champagne and Sparkling Wines with increases in both volume and value in the combined on and off trade channels.

According to the fourth Lanson International Champagne Category Report 2015, Champagne sales will grow further as the industry continues to create more Champagne ‘occasions’ and more visibility by innovation — not just increasing Champagne distribution into new accounts which don’t stock Champagne, but by also driving the rate of sale across those that do stock, including selling it by the glass in the on trade.

In the off trade, the new Category Report also reveals how International Champagne brands continue to demonstrate sustained growth as shoppers seek out brands they know and trust.

The rise of Prosecco and Italian sparkling wines continues at a pace in both the on and off trade channels. However as Paul Beavis, Managing Director for UK and International Markets, Champagne Lanson reveals: “We welcome new sparkling labels entering the ‘bubbles category’ especially as our findings reveal, it hasn’t been at the expense of Champagne. Customers come into the category through Prosecco as an entry level and evolve over time, as their palate matures into Champagne as their drink of choice, especially for those every day special moments. And, with this renewed understanding about the quality aspect of Champagne; customers purchase Champagne through taste as their interest in quality becomes more prominent.

The Category Report also makes five clear recommendations for profitable growth, including: that there is still a job to be done in communicating why Champagne is a ‘special product’ in terms of ‘taste’ and ‘quality’; and why it commands a price premium. Also, that there is a massive opportunity to drive Champagne ‘occasions’ as highlighted by Champagne Lanson’s Wimbledon activation which saw a peak in June and July 2014, demonstrating that it is possible to create new and unseasonal Champagne occasions around specific events.

The Category Report concludes that growth relies on enabling consumers to recognise Champagne occasions and supporting consumers to simply and easily find their brand of choice. This potential growth in frequency of Champagne consumption is hugely significant, the Category Report concludes.

Data Report: Nielsen, CGA Strategy and Futuresight

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