Laser Mapping could revolutionise English wine industry

30th October 2015

Laser Mapping could revolutionise English wine industry

New laser mapping data could help growers identify the best quality land to grow vines in the future.

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) says this is good news for the already booming English wine indsutry.

In combination with other data, the 3D LIDAR maps detects tiny variations of slope and aspect in the land to help pinpoint the best areas for grapes.

It is estimated that there is still 75,000 acres (similar to the Champagne region) of land across the country that could be prime for grape growing. 

The English sparkling wine industry is already enjoying increased sales and interest in their wines, with more people applying to grow their own vines than ever.  There’s still plenty of good English soil up for grabs, but there’s going to be a queue!


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