Launched in Taiwan, made in Champagne – Celebrity’s and Co

28th November 2016


A new label for Taiwan in Celebritys & Co by founder Christophe Kuo supplying grower Champagne ‘Abel Jobart’. You may need to brush up slightly on your Chinese Mandarin, but their website offers the local public from this tiny island some 180 km off from mainland China the chance to explore, indulge and enjoy Champagne within their own purposely built premises offering a classic atmosphere surrounded by the jazz music. Maybe Taiwan could be the next country to grow their love of Champagne, as a small island ourselves, England certainly has it’s importance to the international trade!

The very first own label Champagne (CELEBRITY’S & CO.) launched in Taiwan in 2016. It has been a crazy journey of our Champagne business since 2013.

This creation was made by Taiwanese living in Vision, Imagination and Passion. The prestige cuvée was the product of France by an independent Champagne winery. It’s a very unique Champagne dedicated to women’s Beauty, Elegance and Wisdom.

Personally, I fall in love with her with all my heart. I sincerely recommend you to enjoy this fine and rare Champagne with people whom you love.

Christophe Kuo

CELEBRITY’S Champagne is aiming to reach the excellence in everything we are doing for our RM Champagne and unique Champagne selections. We offer high quality Champagnes and outstanding services to every each client we have met.
Our Motto: The real taste of Champagne.

To be a premier brand providing great quality RM Champagnes and Unique Champagne selections in Asia. Creating great Champagne experience in minds of public and developing Champagne lifestyle in any aspect. We are also passionate about creating Champagne experiences and promoting Champagne lifestyle for Asia.

● Innovation – 
Based on our creativity and out-boxes thinking, we can always seek new & efficient way to build up business for Champagne category.
● Quality / Reliability – We provide the highest standards of quality to our clients. Huge trusts have been generated by what we working on.
● Teamwork – 
We believe in longterm relationship. Besides, we work independently and efficiently, but for our goals & successes. 
● Global Perspective – With experiences of global dealing and travelling, unique perspective of international business has been developed.
● Professionals  – Apart from business experiences and wine knowledge, we are responsible to our business partners with commitment and aiming to drive promising results from events or exhibitions.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.