21st March 2014


Established in 1812, Champagne Laurent-Perrier is one of the most distinguished family-owned Champagne Houses. Based in the heart of Champagne, in Tours-sur-Marne, Laurent-Perrier has a pedigree for innovation, handcrafting a diverse and pioneering range of fine Champagnes that are produced to traditional, time-honoured methods.

12.Laurent-Perrier, Tours-sur-Marne

The House was acquired by the Nonancourt family in 1949 and for 50 years Bernard de Nonancourt dedicated his life to innovating and perfecting Laurent-Perrier Champagne. Bernard de Nonancourt had prepared his succession for several years, handing over to his daughters Alexandra and Stéphanie who respectively joined the House in 1987 and are now members of the Management Board – a promising international Group, dedicated exclusively to the making of Champagne. Today, the House of Laurent-Perrier is one of the great success stories in Champagne, and is now the largest independent Champagne brand worldwide.


Under Bernard de Nonancourt’s leadership, Laurent-Perrier achieved many firsts: in 1959, the House introduced the first multi-vintage prestige cuvée, Grand Siècle by Laurent-Perrier and was also the driver of the evolution of the rosé category, when Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé was first launched in 1968. Then, in 1981 Laurent-Perrier was the first House to reintroduce the concept of brut nature Champagne with its Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut.

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Laurent-Perrier continues to apply an environmental policy in all its activities and takes major steps in managing its business in a sustainable manner and has implemented its environmentally-friendly policies in all fields of its activities. For example, vineyard activity at the Laurent-Perrier House is based on sustainable grape growing, respect for the environment and natural resources, and attaining a balance between biological and human factors; the 150 hectares of vines owned directly by Laurent‑Perrier are all kept with environmentally-friendly methods.

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