Let’s Explore Sparkling Rosé Wines from Europe

4th December 2020

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Europe holds a goldmine of wine production annually with 10,000’s of wineries and even more in styles to enjoy. Referred to usually as ‘old world wine‘, European countries sit in the northern hemisphere and many will have their own styles of wines produced from Portugal to Georgia. Names such as Barolo, Champagne, Franciacorta, Bordeaux, Cava, Riesling will all be household names for many and have global fan bases. Containing 44 countries spanning from Russia in the east to France in the west, from Greece in the south up to Sweden in the north – There is much to explore when it comes to European wine.

Many will not know that Europe contains countries such as Iceland and Holy See. There are also over 10 major mountain ranges in Europe, and upwards of 100 minor ranges. Starting on the far eastern side of Europe, the Ural and the Caucasus Mountains form the divide between Europe and Asia.” source MountainIQ

To discuss European wines it would no doubt take an encyclopaedia Britannica set with countless wine experts adding thoughts and experiences. In a very positive way, there is simply too much to learn and ultimately enjoy – It would take you a lifetime of pleasure to discover all that it holds.

European sparkling wines

This in itself is a vast topic, I know from first hand experience. Italy, France and Spain lead in the volume of wine production as a whole and the United Kingdom imports the most wine with the likes of Prosecco and Champagne taking up a big percentage of the volume.

Most wine production takes place in the southern countries of Europe with a growing amount also in eastern countries – Scandinavia also has a small annual wine production.

So for Glass of Bubbly, it is sparkling wine we like to focus on so we will again cut the market down by looking at just the bubbles and we will narrow things down again further by picking out those that are rosé.

Sparkling rosé wine will mostly gain their shades of pink via skin contact of black grapes or by adding a small percentage of still red wine. Depending on the wine production method and the end results required, rosé sparkling wines can take on not only many different shades, but also offer a variety of tasting experiences.

Who doesn't love a glass of rosé fizz

Who doesn’t love a glass of rosé fizz?


Across Europe rosé sparkling wines are produced and a decent sized local high street or online wine merchant will generally have a wide selection for you to choose from ranging from those under £10 up to £100’s. Many famous brands have rosé sparkling wine options especially due to the popularity and demand for this style of bubbly. Most times a rosé will cost more than a standard brut and some wineries are world famous thanks mostly to their rosé option.

Rosé Extra Brut will mean Less Sugars so Drier Flavours

Rosé Extra Brut will mean Less Sugars so Drier Flavours


Is sparkling rosé wine sweet? This is a very common question and the answer will be simply down to the wine style you purchase. Most sweeter sparkling rosé wines are this way either due to the style of grape used (some are sweeter than others) or most likely that additional sugars are added to the wine to make it that way. What is written on the bottle will tell you the style of wine and if any additional sweetness can be expected, an example for Champagne will be Brut, Extra Sec, Demi-Sec, Doux will mean you are in for more sweetness. It is usual that rosé sparkling wines are made to cater to those people preferring sweeter / fruitier wines.

Sparkling Rosé Wines from Europe

Sparkling Rosé Wines from Europe


European sparkling rosé wines

For this article we got together a selection of eight rosé sparkling wines from eight different European countries to taste and review:


France – Champagne Roger Brun – Romance Rosé de Saignée 2016:

Champagne Roger Brun Romance 2016

Champagne Roger Brun Romance 2016


Tasting notes: “Tasty red fruits with an elegance of creamy / toasty / oak edge.

We surely must start in France and with Champagne no? If it is pink Champagne and visions of love and romance filling your heart then there is no better Champagne to purchase than that from a very grand producer in Ay with his label applicably titled ‘Romance’. Champagne Roger Brun has an incredible range of labels with a global fan base, Philippe the winemaker holds many gold medals and trophies for his wines.

England – Fitz – Fitz Pink:

Fitz Pink Sparkling Wine from England

Fitz Pink Sparkling Wine from England


Tasting notes: “Plenty of red berry fruits, quite a character in a bottle! A fresh red berry fruit flavour taste sensation – perfect for food pairings.

We can pack a mighty punch in England when it comes to wines and especially for those with bubbles! Here is a past trophy winning pink fizz made in the Charmat method from the winery Fitz. This ‘Fitz Pink’ sparkling wine made in England offers incredible red fruity flavours and in my mind makes it a wonderful bubbly to enjoy on its own or to pair with varied gastronomy delights.

Italy – Villa Sandi – il Fresco Prosecco Rosé Millesimato 2019:

il Fresco Rosé Prosecco Millesimato

il Fresco Rosé Prosecco Millesimato


Tasting notes: “Pleasant red apples, peach and pear on the nose. Fresh, creamy with dark red apple sweetness and acidity.

We can at last say “rosé Prosecco“! This is why I have chosen a rosé from this magical region of the bubbles to represent Italy. Villa Sandi is probably the most globally recognised name for Prosecco with over 100 countries importing their wines. Rosé Prosecco (available January 2021) is a wonderful example of the refreshing fruity delights given out by the glera grape topped with a touch of pink fizz character offering red berries and pink floral notes. Prosecco lovers will be in heaven once the rosé option hits the shelves…

Spain – Cavas Naveran – Perles Roses 2018 Cuvée Antonia:

Naveran Perles Roses

Cavas Naveran Perles Roses


Tasting notes: “Peach, yeasty, touch of orange peel, soft spices and a bowl of red berries on creamy cheese in aromas and flavours.

Flamenco, fiesta, football and FIZZ! We see amazing sparkling wine being produced in Spain from a country that holds a rich history and many current day delights. As a resident once of Spain it isn’t simply sun, sea and sand – Food and wine delights also score highly in my books and a great example of Spanish wine production is that of Cavas Naveran with their organic wines and Cavas.

Germany – Motzenbäcker – Rosé:

Motzenbäcker Rosé

Motzenbäcker Rosé


Tasting notes: “A rosé with a touch of orange tint in colour. Aromas give red apple skin, red berries and tangerine. Fruity flavours touch of crisp dryness in length. Flavour characters blend together nicely to make it an easy to drink and enjoy rosé.

A double trophy winner, the Motzenbäcker Rosé both for 2019 and 2020 holds the title as the best sparkling wine in the category of ‘Meditation’. There must be a reason that wine judges select this sparkler to represent meditation and this will be down to the wonderful array of refreshing flavours that are delivered in a balanced and none aggressive way – 100% Pinot Noir grapes. Motzenbäcker is the oldest wine producer in Germany.

Slovenia – Radgonske Gorice – Rosé Extra Dry:

Radgonske Gorice Penina Rosé ExtraDry

Radgonske Gorice Penina Rosé Extra Dry


Tasting notes: “A fine balance of red berry fruits with a touch of sweetness to carry this towards a dessert wine.

The shining light for sparkling wines from Slovenia with an extensive range to chose from, Radgonske Gorice offer consumers a wide choice of styles to suit most bubbly lovers. From the borders of Austrian, Radgonkse Gorice produce award winning sparkling wines from fine vintage labels to sweeter dessert style.

Austria – Zantho – Rosé Brut:

Zantho Brut Rosé from Austria

Zantho Brut Rosé from Austria


Tasting notes: “Creamy red berry fruits / freeze dried raspberries on the nose. A creamy character continues in the flavours with a touch of yeast, bruised red apple.

A landlocked country of Europe, mountainous landscape with countless lakes, the birthplace of many from Mozart to Schwarzenegger and a wealth of fine terroir producing magnificent sparkling wines. Austria holds countless wineries in the eastern and south eastern wine growing regions which one producing pink fizz being Zantho. “Our goal is to produce quality wines from local grape varieties in harmony with nature” they state and it is clearly seen in their continued investment in their wine production methods – Zantho export 50% of their production.

Georgia – Badagoni – Rosé Sparkling Wine:

Badagoni Sparkling Rosé

Badagoni Sparkling Rosé


Tasting notes: “Smooth, refreshing and moreish. Plenty of red berry fruits with a touch of red apples / red sensation pear.

When you visit Georgia you see great tradition and history from the smaller farmer producer to those commercial outlets exporting globally. Known by many as the birthplace of wine and considered the ‘cradle of wine’, as archaeologists have traced the world’s first known wine creation back to the people of the South Caucasus in 6,000BC (source: nationalgeographic website). A fine example of Georgian wine is Badagoni who produce a wonderful example of wines from this terroir with only Georgian grape varieties and they hold many medals and awards for many of their labels. Exporting globally.

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