Let’s Have Some Fun with Movia Puro Rosé

11th May 2022

Puro Movia Slovenia Sparkling Wine

Have you ever disgorged a bottle of bubbly? Well your opportunity has now arrived with Movia and their Puro range (white and rosé) where you can now experience how to get rid of the dead lees sediments in the neck of the bottle and impress your family and friends!

Slovenian winery Movia, located in Goriška Brda, allows you the chance to disgorge your own bottle of bubbly with their Puro range of white / rosé / amber wines – Each comes with a cap and metal ring securing in the cork which needs to be removed safely – Thereafter it is recommended to place the neck of the bottle in water (ice bucket) and slowly release the cork so that the pop and immediate flow of fizz with lees in is removed. Full instructions can be found here.

Sustainability has always been the priority in our everyday farming and winemaking practices. Vineyards are fertilized with biodynamic composts. Movia wines are fermented by using indigenous yeasts only, and in winemaking, no additives are used, except sulphur in minimum doses and not in all wines. We clean the cellar with steam, the result of which is water returning to nature without being polluted.” Movia Winery


Movia Puro Rosé 2013 100% Pinot Noir – Tasting notes: “Chalky raspberry, pink floral, red apple, touch of pastry / dry white cheese on the nose. Dry initially though a silky, chalky / yeasty character. Pink floral, apple flesh, dried red apple flesh, chalky flavours.

Movia Kapovolto 2015 Zero Dosage 100% Chardonnay – Tasting notes: “Pear blossom, peach skin, apricot flesh, dried white cheese aromas. Dry initially, though a chalky and silky character. Quite a clamping, relaxing Bubbly. Earthy, orchard fruits, soft citrus, white floral, soft minerals, touch of apple/cider.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.