Limited Edition Magnum of Champagne Thiénot

7th October 2016


Champagne Thiénot and renowned International Street Artist, Speedy Graphito have teamed up together and designed a limited edition magnum. It will be available exclusively for the end-of-year festivities.

Garance Thiénot, who runs Maison Thiénot with her brother Stanislas, was brought up in a strong artistic tradition and so developed an intense interest in street art. This urban art movement took root in France in the 1980s and was growing just as Champagne Thiénot, created in 1985, began its expansion. For several years now Garance has followed the career and the creations of Speedy Graphito, one of France’s pioneers of urban art.

Olivier Rizzo alias Speedy Graphito, is one of the best-known artists on the international scene. He has sought to forge a forgetful, lively and playful style. He borrows from the symbols and codes of pop culture, but also those found in classical culture and antiquity. It’s a style free of dictates and always in the spirit of the times. Speedy Graphito will accept no limitations on his creativity thereby keeping it vivacious and faithful to his sensitivities as an artist. His works are both a reflection of society, a burst of energy and a perpetual quest.

From their first encounter, Garance Thiénot Speedy knew it was the artistic match made to be. The idea of the artist and the champagne master working together was born. Speedy’s contemporary, urban painting would partner with Champagne Thiénot. It was a modern and daring concept.

Speedy Graphito grasps a Thiénot Brut Magnum and turns it into a unique work of art. He sublimates it into a modern day version of itself, thus redefining its appearance. He applies his own codes, such as emoticons, Looney Tunes and Lapinture, and adds them to those of Thiénot, such as red and gold colours and bubbles. In this playful splash of colours, symmetry and characters one rediscovers the value to be found in festivities, happiness and a work that is sparkling!

Glass of Bubbly

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