Live Prosecco DOC Tasting Today at 6pm

1st July 2020

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Join us tonight at 6pm GMT (1st of July) for a live tasting on Zoom hosted by @ChrisWalkey & @TheWineTipster UK Brand Ambassador for @ProseccoDOC 

We will also be joined by 8 producers from the DOC region, Christopher Walkey and Neil Phillips (TheWineTipster) will be tasting 8 Proseccos with each of the DOC producers live over Zoom.

Hear from the producers themselves and see what Christopher & Neil have to say about their Proseccos in this unique experience and best of all it’s free to join.

Join us for free:

Here are the 8 Prosecco Wineries which will be joining us and tasting a bottle from, so if you happen to have a bottle at home, pop it in the fridge and join us at 6pm, listen in and learn about the fascinating region and wineries of Prosecco DOC.

  1. Astoria
  2. Biancavigna
  3. La Marca
  4. Le Rughe
  5. Riccardo
  6. Val D’Oca
  7. Villa Sandi
  8. Viticoltori Ponte

Villa Sandi

Villa Sandi

Breathtaking Sunset over Italian Vines

Glass of Bubbly

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