How Long Can I Keep my Champagne Before Drinking it?

24th January 2017


Maybe you want to stock your cellar with bubbly or have recently discovered an old bottle in the back of the basement and you’re wondering if it’s still good to drink.

Non-vintage Champagnes can be aged for around 3 years, provided they are correctly stored in a cool, dark environment.

If you have managed to get hold of a vintage or prestige cuvée, you can keep these for around 5-10 years. A high-quality vintage can be stored for up to 20 years or more. Ageing high-quality Champagne can help it develop more complexity, evolving fruity flavours into nutty and toasty ones – they may lose a few bubbles, but will gain a distinguished taste.

Can Champagne go ‘off’, then? If incorrectly stored for too long, it’s possible. For non-vintages, storing it beyond 3-4 years is not likely to improve it, in fact, it may lose some flavour and taste flat.

So if you’ve bought or been given a regular Champagne, we recommend enjoying it sooner rather than later and not worrying about ageing it. Of course, once the bottle is opened it’s best to be enjoyed right away!

Glass of Bubbly

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