Loredan Gasparini – Venegazzù ~ Prosecco

18th June 2014

Loredan Gasparini – Venegazzù ~ Prosecco

Asolo prosecco superiore DOCG – extra dry


This vine’s variety is with no doubt the most traditional and widespread reality in the territory of the Montello and the hills surrounding Asolo (North of Venice). The Azienda Agricola Loredan Gasparini has been cultivating it for many years in a typical hilly area (150-300m. a.s.l.). The grapes that grow on mineral soil give the product a definitely structural character which makes it unique and unmistakable as to its other types.

Cuvee Indigene


This original CUVÉE INDIGENE derives from a selection of the best grapes from the old “Belvedere Vineyard”, a plot dating back to 1969, situated on the Montello hillside (to the North of Venice) in the historic Prosecco Superiore area.

Apart from the characteristics of the grapes used, which stem from old Prosecco clones, another feature of this Cuvée is the natural wine-making method used.

Soon after a light pressing, the must is placed in a very low temperature autoclave to initiate a very, very slow fermentation process. Thereby only indigenous yeasts are used and there is no addition of sugars. This slow, low-temperature fermentation lasts over 9 months and it creates an extremely fine and elegant perlage, endowing this spumante with its extraordinary creaminess. When united with the natural complexity of Asolo Prosecco, a unique and unmistakable character sets this spumante apart from other kinds.

Created by direct fermentation of the must using indigenous yeasts, this spumante will enable you to rediscover the true original feeling of the Prosecco variety.

Grappa Riserva di Prosecco


Expression of the happy union between fragrance and feelings freshness of Prosecco varietal, and the soft complexity of oak barriques aging for 18 months.


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