Louis Pommery English Sparkling Wine

28th March 2023

Louis Pommery English Sparkling Wine

Vranken-Pommery first started producing English sparkling wine in 2014 in collaboration with local Hampshire winemakers, Louis Pommery England is the first English sparkling wine created by a Champagne House, Vranken Pommery

In 2017 the first vines were planted at the Pommery owned vineyard Pinglestone estate near Alresford. 36 hectares of Louis Pommery England vines were planted between 2017 and 2022 and are set on rolling Hampshire Hills at Pinglestone Estate.

The Louis Pommery England team has worked hard to maintain and improve soil health and biodiversity richness at Pinglestone vineyard. Since the creation of the estate, no herbicides have been used to protect the water resource. The team conserve the vineyard (and surrounding) environment and promote biodiversity (Pheasant’s eye protection program, badgers protection area, eco-grazing, green manure, edges planting). In 2021, bee hives were introduced to the vineyard by a local beekeeper. Sustainable honey from Pinglestone Estate’s miscellaneous flowers is now produced. As a result, Pinglestone Estate was awarded with the WineGB ‘Sustainable Wines of Great Britain Trade Mark’ in 2021.

Tasting notes: “Though not overly overwhelmed by the label design, what’s inside the bottle is what counts and this example does not disappoint. Aromas of white fruits, white floral, dark green apple skin, citrus / lemon curd.

Flavours are refreshingly clean and green fruit / citrus initially, then relaxes to more yellow fruits and hints of pastry / dough. Falls away quickly in the length, though leaves mouth watering saline / acidity.”


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