Louis Roederer Cristal Rosé

6th March 2018

Louis Roederer Cristal Rosé

Allow Us To Introduce You

Cristal is the luxury brand for Champagne, especially for rosés, which are usually much cheaper and kind of a fun wine-drink frequented by girls. Louis Roederer Cristal is much more significant – You don’t just drink it ‘cuz it’s pink!

A blend of all the fruity flavours rosé drinkers love, like strawberry and orange zest, combined with that indescribable, wood-smoked, oak flavour from the distillation process (it’s subtle), Cristal will leave you marvelling at the production, with memorable tastes of almond extract, red apple and candied goodness, and even more subtle flavours like the surprising, suggestion of sweetness, such as caramel.

Established in 1945 in Verbena, France, Cristal Rosé was developed centuries after the original, Louis Roederer wines. This must-try variety is developed from carefully, selected grapes, with the highest standards for selection and production to make a luxurious wine of exquisite quality and taste – This is the finest, most outstanding, brand of rose, not like other, sweeter versions. An overflow of thought and attention to every step of the process goes into every bottle to bring you something superior; Cristal Rosé is a cut above the rest.

Selection of the Finest Grapes

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir grapes are a type of red grapes, derived from the Burgundy Region of France. Pinot Noir grapes are most commonly used in the manufacture of sparkling wines; The taste can be described as a delicious blend of cherry, raspberry and strawberry, with a rich, velvety, bold flavour.


Chardonnay grapes are a type of green grapes, also derived from the Burgundy Region of France (Oh, and here we thought they must be red, coming from a region like that). They are most commonly used in white wines, however, and these green grapes are now grown everywhere.

Chardonnay grapes are also very common in the making of sparkling wines, and they are responsible for providing Cristal Rose with its effervescent quality. The taste can be described as an interaction of bittersweet flavours, like apple and pear, combined with the saturated, juiciness of plum, mixed with a rich, velvety, nutty flavour, at the root (or vine) of the aftertaste. What we love about it most, is that the Chardonnay grapes, used in Cristal give it a polished quality for wine pairings; it’s well suited for formal dinners, served with poultry and fish, but it’s also very good, for casual fare, like appetizers, such as rich, creamy dips, with garlic seasoning. It’s also very delicious in wine and cheese presentations. – Your guests will love you!
Pinot Meunier

“How do you pronounce that?”
You exclaim it: “Mon Yeahy!”

These are the types of grapes used in light wines, and they contribute to the lovely rose color and quality of the wine. They are responsible for giving the wine its pink hue and fruity flavour that we crave, when we pop the cork, breaking open our favourite bottles.

Very Mature

The fruit, that is – all of the grapes used in these specially crafted bottles, is aged well and carefully selected. The name Cristal, in fact, refers to the wine quality, and accurately describes its sparkling, crystal clear appearance and everlasting sip. The fermentation and bubbliness of Cristal is incomparable, and created to delight even the most refined, cavalier of Sommeliers – It comes dressed to impress.

Louis Roederer Cristal Rosé is comprised of 60% Pinot Noir, 40% Chardonnay and we aren’t entirely certain where the Meunier fits in, but that’s the part that makes it a rosé wine. Perhaps, it is, in fact, the very reason for Cristal Rosé being a wine that’s been deemed, better than the rest. – How do they get it in there, we’re wondering?

For approximately $575 USD, we suggest pondering that thought and then getting the fancy bottle that comes wrapped in gold, and protected by its own jewelry-like box (to keep your thoughts company). More specifically, our favourite bottles are presented in Louis Roederer Cristal Rosé branded boxes, complete with side-hinge closure and the date marked on the clasp.

We think it should be embossed in wax.

Written by Jennica B.

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