Lovells Vineyard

23rd May 2014

Nestled at the foot of the inspirational Malvern Hills, in the village of Welland, Lovells Vineyard is a family run English vineyard established in 2010.

The vineyard covers two hectares with over 4,000 vines. Our first planted vines were Phoenix, Orion and Rondo. We have since added Seyval Blanc, Madeleine Angevine, Classic Pinot, Early Pinot and Siegerrebe.

In 2008 our family moved to the village of Welland in Malvern where we made the bold decision to establish a vineyard. Although the idea to start a vineyard was a moment of inspiration, the actual job of setting up a working vineyard took a lot of research and hard work. In 2010 we planted our first 900 vines. In 2012 we planted a further 3,000. And in 2013 we undertook the management of the Elgar Wine brand that had originated down the road at Tiltridge Vineyard.

Ours is a story of a hobby that became more serious: from an ambition to prove to friends and family that an English wine could be a credible drinking option to a commercial operation with a 15,000 bottle capacity.

Our harvest for 2012 has produced a sparkling Rosé ready for drinking in May 2014.


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