Luc Belaire Brut

5th November 2014

Following the phenomenal global success of Luc Belaire Rosé, France’s most exquisite Rosé, we are pleased to share news of the recent launch of LUC BELAIRE BRUT, an elegant, effervescent Blanc de Blancs produced exclusively from French chardonnay grapes.

This sophisticated Brut is produced in the heart of Burgundy and crafted by 5th and 6th generation father-and-son winemakers whose Maison was established in 1898. Belaire Brut’s fine chardonnay grapes, considered one of the most delicate of grape varieties, are carefully selected in Burgundy – a highly respected region in France boasting a rich history of winemaking that has shaped the land and culture for more than 2000 years.

LUC BELAIRE BRUT then undergoes a metabolic process before being aged to perfection. The final result is a refreshing and crisp, crystalline sparkler, with a light, dry taste profile and tantilising aromas of white flowers, and stone and citrus fruits like peach, lemon, and grapefruit.


The luxurious packaging is uniquely cool and contemporary; the signature black bottle is enhanced with silkscreened gold labels and topped with gold-accented champagne foil, echoing the golden bubbles in each glass of LUC BELAIRE BRUT.

This beautiful and highly drinkable sparkling wine radiates all the finesse, charm and elegance of France’s finest Chardonnays and can be served on its own or featured within a cocktail. Served well-chilled, it pairs wonderfully with sushi, scallops, fish and white meat. LUC BELAIRE BRUT will be available for the recommended retail price of £29.99 and is available in Selfridges.

Shared by Barry Halstead

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