Madame Martis 2006 Rare Vintage

15th September 2016


The dream of Roberta and Antonio Stelzer begins in 1990, when Maso Martis was born. Since the beginning of their activity, they started producing sparkling wine, a real challenge in those years when the Trentodoc was not so widespread. The first goal was to establish a small winery with high quality products. The second goal, after some years of experience, was of achieving a classic method that could reflect the awareness of their ability to produce a sparkling wine. A dream that grew progressively harvest after harvest, that lead to the born of Madame Martis Rare vintage. A reserve rank, waiting unhurried, where the alchemy of grapes – Pinot Noir, Chardonnay fermented in wood and an unusual proportion of Pinot Meunier – would lead to uncork a sparkling wine, full in its proper stage of ripeness.

The first bottle of the millesimo 1999 was opened, after eight years of aging on the lees in an exclusive event dedicated to this rare sparkling wine at the Merano Wine Festival 2008 edition. The Reserve Maso Martis is the quintessence of the terroir of Martignano, the expression of a single wine that bears the fresh and sunny climate of Trentino and its Dolomites and – ultimately-the hallmark of a signature of a sparkling wine producer, that channels its best effort of production quality for these bubbles that are ennobled with the passing of time. There are only one thousand bottles of this wine produced.


Glass of Bubbly

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