Maeli Moscato Giallo Fior D’Arancio

6th November 2015

Maeli Moscato Giallo Fior D’Arancio

Maeli is the splendid enterprise set in the Euganean Hills and guided by Elisa Dilavanzo that has drawn new energy from the support given it by Gianluca and Desiderio Bisol, who have encouraged the search for new expressions in a grape variety that still has so much to reveal.

The estate overlooks the magnificent Villa dei Vescovi one of 30 FAI (Italian National Trust) heritage sites regularly open to the public. Maeli Moscato Giallo Fior d’Arancio is a truly versatile sparkling wine that strives to express the best of its originally volcanic terroir.


As Elisa Dilavanzo explains “This sparkling wine reflect the values of the Terre Bianche del Pirio territory, where the vines sink their roots into the strata of marl and loam interspersed with trachyte of the volcanic rocks of the Euganean Hills caressed all year round by a mild yet constant wind.

Here in the ‘Tre Valli del Vento’ the grapes ripen healthily in full respect of an uncontaminated environment. The scent of the plants, of the flowers and the aromatic herbs in the vicinity of the vineyards infiltrates the wine making it an authentic ambassador of this unique land and exalting the particular characteristics of a sweet wine which is at once full flavoured. The natural residual sugar content of the wine contrasts the marked minerality gleaned from the volcanic terrain”.

This sparkling wine has therefore become a loyal ambassador of the Euganean Hills, a versatile and fine sparkling wine which is able to express itself not only as a dessert wine, but above all as an aperitif, thanks to its minerality, making it perfect as a match for original dishes based on cheeses, salumi, raw fish and as an appetizer in general.

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