Majestic Wine could scrap 6-bottle-minimum rule

23rd June 2015

Majestic’s minimum purchase of 6 bottles of wine or Champagne has not always been popular with customers.

New chief executive, Rowan Gormley, plans to get Majestic Wine back on track after it has lost momentum in the wine market by getting rid of the 6 bottle minimum rule.

Gormley, also founder of online retailer Naked Wines, plans to modernise the company over the next 3 years.

Reasons for the 22.5% fall in profits for Majestic Wine is likely due to tough competition, such increased wine sales in supermarkets and wine specialists such as Laithwaite’s gaining popularity. As the UK becomes more interested in wine, consumers are ready to shop around for a good deal.

The company hopes getting rid of the usual purchase rule of 6 bottles minimum may welcome more customers to the store and revive Majestic’s position as a wine specialist. The single-purchase offer is currently going through trials to judge it’s success.

How do you feel about the Majestic Wine rule change, could it help the company?

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