How to Make a Champagne Toast in 16 Languages!

2nd February 2017


Show off your worldliness with these Champagne toasts from around the world… Santé (don’t forget to look everyone in the eye)!

Chinese (Mandarin): Gān bēi (GAN BAY) 乾杯!
Dutch: Proost! (PROWST)
French: Santé! (SAWN-TEH) / À votre santé! (AH VOT-Ruh SAWN-TEH)
German: Prost! (PROHST)
Greek: Yiamas! (YAH MAS) Στην υγειά μας! (Stin iyá mas!)
Hungarian: Egészségedre (EGG-ESH-AY-GED-REH)
Italian: Salute! (SAH-LUTAY) / Cin Cin (CHIN CHIN)
Japanese: Kampai! (KAN PAI) 乾杯
Korean: Gun Bae (GUN BAY) 건배
Lithuanian: Į sveikatą! (EE SWEH-KATA)
Polish: Na Zdrowie! (NAH ZDROV-YEH)
Portuguese: Saúde! (SAW-OOD-EH)
Russian: Na zdorovie (NAH ZDROV-YEH) На здоровье
Spanish: Salud! (SAH-LUD)
Swedish: Skål! (SKAWL)
Welsh: Lechyd da (YEH-CHID DAH)

It’s interesting to note that many variations of cheers mean ‘health’, particularly in the romance languages such as French (‘to your health’) and Slavic languages, amongst others. Cheers!

Glass of Bubbly

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