How to Make the Most of Your Wine Investment

29th March 2018

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With residual uncertainty in the international markets, continuing low interest rates and the prospect of Brexit looming ever nearer, many people are finding that traditional forms of investment are not providing the returns or security that they once did. That’s why an increasing number of investors are turning to the classic wine market, allowing them to make the most of what is a burgeoning and fascinating investment opportunity. Of course, as with any type of investment, it’s important not to risk more than you can afford and to know how to make the most out of the market opportunities.

Invest in the Best Wine at the Best Price

The essential thing to remember when investing in wine is that the very best wines are the ones with the most potential profit, so look for a superb wine with a high-quality provenance. Every wine expert has their own favourite of course, but wines to look out for include superior Burgundies and Rhones and especially Bordeaux wines including Chateau Lafite Rothschild and Margaux. Also vintage Champagne. The most expensive single bottle sold by a UK auctioneer was a Cheval Blanc of 1947 vintage sold by Christie’s, at the price of £235,000. Once you’ve selected a wine to invest in, use online price checkers to ensure that you have the very best price; the global wine index Liv-ex should be your first port of call.

Be Prepared to Wait for Your Investment to Mature

Just as fine wines improve with age, so can a wine investment. Although the trend in recent years has been significantly up, there can still be seasonal fluctuations, so to give yourself the best chance of making a worthwhile profit you should be prepared to let your investment stand for five years or more. One of the factors driving up the wine market recently has been the increased presence of wealthy buyers from China and other East Asian markets; this is likely to become even more pronounced in the years to come, which could further raise wine prices for those who have taken a medium to long term view of their investment.

Use Only the Very Best Wine Cellars

Utilising the highest quality and most renowned fine wine storage cellars, like Octavian Vaults, ensures that your wine remains in perfect condition prior to auction, thus increasing the confidence of bidders. Octavian Vaults are renowned by wine investors across the United Kingdom and beyond for their perfect cellarage, which is why more than 10,000 collectors and investors use their Corsham Cellars deep beneath the rolling Wiltshire Hills. Alongside bonded storage you’ll also receive photographic evidence of your individual collection, which can be used when communicating with potential buyers.

Many people now see wine investment as the perfect choice for those looking to invest £10,000 or more for a period of five years and upwards. The secret to making a sound investment in this area is simple: buy a superior quality and in-demand wine at the best possible price, lay it down in the best possible storage cellars for a number of years, and then sell when the market has risen still further. With so many factors in its favour, this is one investment opportunity that is likely to become increasingly popular in post-Brexit Britain.

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