Making Pink Champagne

10th April 2015

Making Pink Champagne

There are two main methods of creating pink Champagne.

This is the most popular and most commonly used method of creating pink Champagne. Literally blending a little red wine in with the white Champagne to create a pale pink colour. Champagne is the only appellation in France that is allowed to blend red and white wine together.

Two red grape varieties, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier can be used in the making of Champagne, normally the grapes are pressed early so that the juice cannot pick up red pigment from the red grape skins. The Rosé de Saigné method simply means the grape remains in contact with the skins longer than normal, but only for a few hours. This allows the natural pigments in the skins of the black grapes to colour the juice, this generally produces rosés that are darker in colour than with using the blending method.

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