Medot Slovenian Sparkling Wine with Bimber English Whisky

26th November 2018


Pairing Slovenian Sparkling Wine with English Whisky.


The vineyard of the Medot estate lies across three hectares in the heart of Goriška Brda, The wine tradition of the Simčič family goes back to as early as 1812. If you’re interested in finding out more about this unique Slovenian Sparkling Wine then check out A Visit To Slovenian Sparkling Wine Medot.

Medot Goriska Brda Cuvée Extra Brut 2011. Tasting Notes: “Orchid fruits and a touch of Caramel on the nose. Baking apples, apricot, and citrus In the mouth. I would put this Slovenian Sparkling Wine in the Sea Breeze Category in the Glass of Bubbly Awards.”


Bimber takes its name from the Polish for moonshine. The distillery was founded in August 2015, with the first vodka bottling in early 2016.

They use only natural ingredients and traditional methods to craft a unique range of spirits.

In June 2019 Bimber will distill one of the first Single Malt Whiskies to have been made in London for a century.

We’ve got six London Single Malt Spirits to try.

Bimber New Make Spirit Tasting Notes: “Tropical fruits and bready notes on the nose. Malted banana bread, chewy, creamy and rich texture in the mouth.”

Signature Edition Tasting Notes: “Vanilla and dried fruits with a hint of smoked nuts on the nose. Hint of chocolate, tropical fruits and malted fruit bread in the mouth.”

Ex-Sherry Cask Tasting Notes: “Burnt raisins and grape with malt loaf on the nose. Malted banana bread, dried fruits with leather and spice in the mouth.”

Ex-Port Cask Tasting Notes: “Fruity and malted barley on the nose. Plum, chewy and round in the mouth.”

Ex-Bourbon Cask Tasting Notes: “Peanut butter and cashews with vanilla and peaches on the nose. Banana, pineapple, apple pie and toast in the mouth.”

Virgin American Oak Cask Tasting Notes: “Hints of chocolate, vanilla, smoky leather and tobacco on the nose. Roasted nuts and banana bread in the mouth.”

Medot and Bimber Pairing

I decided to pair the Medot Cuvée Extra Brut with the Bimber Signature Edition and this was the result.

Tasting Notes: “It brings out subtle whiskey flavours and crisp citrus and ripe green apples thus a great balance and pairing, I noticed a touch of spicy chocolate in length, very pleasing,”

Oliver Walkey

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Writer, Focused on Bringing the Exciting and Fascinating World of Bubbly to You.