Melchizedek of Comte Delavie Champagne Auctioned for Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

4th August 2017


The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation chose a bottle of Comte Delavie Champagne to be put into their auction. The Melchizedek sized bottle is 1 meter 10 centimetres high and weighs 54 kilos. It contains 30 litres of Champagne the equivalent of 40 standard bottles. The bottle sold for $150 000.

The Foundation chose Comte Delavie for 3 main reasons:

  • Comte Delavie Champagne is created by Champagne Drappier, the first producer to be awarded zero carbon label.
  • 30% of the profits are given to charity.
  • Comte Delavie mainly contributes to causes that help save the planet and animals as well as the environment.

Glass of Bubbly

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