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18th April 2024

Meophams English Sparkling Wine

Meophams is named after the village in which it is located, that it why their logo features the Meopham windmill, they felt it ‘encapsulated the authenticity and heritage of meopham’.

Meophams wasn’t always called Meophams, it was renamed and rebranded by the family who owns it, they felt a strong connection with the name Meophams, so they switched and went full steam ahead with their new identity,

They currently have 4 still wines and 3 Sparkling Wines available to enjoy, I’m sure they’ll be more added to the collection soon, they create their Sparkling Wines using the Traditional Method, they say they are ‘inspired by Traditional Blends but like to add their own twists, so it’ll be interesting to see them come through in the final product.

Meophams Valley Vineyard is family run vineyard, it was established in 1991, by David and Pauline Grey, they are located in the lovely village of Meopham in the North Downs of Kent, so if you’re close by, they are more than happy for you to plan a visit to their vineyard, there are a great variety of restaurants, pubs and b&b’s close by, so you can stay the night and not have to worry about enjoying their English Wines and Sparkling Wines.

Their vineyard is east facing on a slope, approximately 100 metres above sea level with the picturesque happy valley as a backdrop. They have 25 acres, with each acre having a density of 1672 vines. They started out by planting seven grape varieties, and now currently grow nine different grape varieties, including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Madeleine Angevine, Leon Millot, Triomphe and Reichensteiner.

Their brand logo is of a windmill, this isn’t just a random windmill, it is the Meopham Windmill, they choose it because they felt it “encapsulated the authenticity and heritage of Meophams.”

Oliver Walkey

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