Mexican Sparkling Wine is Becoming More Popular and Here’s Why

23rd July 2019


Celebrations often start by cracking open a bottle of bubbly and end with a lot of smiles and laughs. There are many different champagnes and sparkling wines from all around the world to choose from, so how do you know which one is right for you and your occasion?

From Cava to Prosseco, and Champagne to Crémant, there is no shortage of choice. One way you can decide which is the right choice for you is by reading the label. Sparkling wines have different names so you know how it is made and how much sugar has been added.

Another way to decide is by checking out where the sparkling wine is made, as this will also give you an idea what the wine will taste like. One unexpected country you might want to consider is Mexico.

Mexican sparkling wine is becoming more popular particularly the wine that is sourced from the state of Querétaro. But why you might ask?

According to Mariana Ibanez, a food and drink expert from, “Many people are enjoying more Mexican sparkling wines. One reason for the increasing popularity could be down to the traditional methods of how sparkling wine is made. Another reason is because of the range of sweetness available, Mexican sparkling wines cater to everyone’s tastes. Some winemakers also use unconventional grapes which provide a different flavour compared to other countries who make sparkling wine.”

3 Sparkling Winemakers in Mexico

There are many winemakers in Mexico that specialise in sparkling wines. Some of them are big producers, whilst others are smaller operations – but all have great tasting sparkling wine. We advise you keep these 3 Mexican winemakers in mind for your next celebration:

1. Freixenet

Freixenet are possibly the main reason why Querétaro is Mexico’s biggest producer of sparkling wine. Freixenet produce Cava and have been doing so since the 19th century.

Freixenet have three separate lines of bubbles to choose from, including Sala Vivé, Viña Doña Dolores, and Petillant. They use traditional and unconventional grapes and make 10 different sparkling wine variations in terms of sweetness. Freixenet rely on traditional methods to create great tasting sparkling wine.

2. La Redonda

Another big producer of sparkling wine is La Redonda. Like their competitor Freixenet, they offer a variety of different wines. La Redonda use less conventional grapes to create crisp and bubbly sparkling wines.

All of their sparkling wines, except their sweetest one, use the traditional method. La Redonda also have a variety of sweetness options when it comes to their sparkling wines, so you can rest assured you’ll find something to suit your tastes.

3. Cava 57

Cava 57 produce a range of alcohol, but their sparkling wines are definitely worth a try. Their Palomas line of Mexican Cava is made with the traditional method and is a great example of how a sparkling wine should taste.

If you are looking for more South American sparkling wines, then have a look at these delicious award-winning wines from Argentina.

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