Michel Gonet Champagne Tasting & Tours

13th June 2015

Michel Gonet Champagne Tasting & Tours

Settled in a 1896 building, at 37 of the Avenue de Champagne, the Michel Gonet house proposes a different cuvées discovery and tasting. There’s no other building like this one in the Avenue with a neo-gothic architecture. A great place to enjoy a glass of Champagne.

You can visit Michel Gonet for tastings and tours, where you can discover the Champagne process, vat room, disgorging process, cellars with ‘pupitre’ and ‘gyropalette’. There is the possibility to see the machines working when workers are here. Then enjoy a tasting in our panoramic room, which will introduces you to the Blanc de Blancs Champagne flavours (from Chardonnay in which we are specialized) and to taste the Champagne wines variety we produce.


There is now a new tasting workshop at Michel GONET Champagne:

Champagnes & cheeses

We have selected different Champagnes Blanc de Blancs of Michel Gonet and our cheese to make you discover the combination of the flavours.



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