Michelin-star Gianluca Bisol’s restaurant, Venissa with four Chefs

14th December 2015

Michelin-star Gianluca Bisol’s restaurant, Venissa with four Chefs

Venissa has just been awarded the Michelin star. In 2015 Venissa chose to no longer have just one chef, but instead to have a workshop of four young, talented chefs working together to better interpret the ingredients of Native Venice.

An experiment unique to this world which the Bisol family fully believe in and one that has given the young, talented chefs (with important experience already behind them) ample opportunity to express their creativity.

According to Matteo Bisol, the 28 year old director of Venissa “the Michelin guide has shown great presence of mind by choosing for the first time to so honour a restaurant with four Chefs. Though this is an absolute first we knew we had been working well”.

This is the fifth consecutive year that the restaurant has received this recognition, awarded to three different Chefs. Firstly thanks to the Chefs Paola Budel and Antonia Klugmann and today thanks to the four young culinary artistes who are running the kitchen at Venissa: Sabina Joksimovic (from Serbia, 26 years old, starters), Andrea Asoli (from Rome, 25 years old, first courses), Michelangelo Doria (from Martinafranca, 46 years old, main courses) and Serena Baiano (from Naples, 25 years old, desserts).

In the words of Matteo “project Venissa has exceeded the figure of one Executive Chef, every day we work to get the best out of the Venetian Lagoon area and we are pleased to see how the different culinary artistes, each in his and her own way, bring their own personal vision of the locally sourced raw ingredients to the table.”

Photo credit: Alessandro Tagliapietra

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