How Millennials are Changing the Sparkling Wine Industry

9th March 2017


There’s a lot of talk about the millennial generation, who are currently aged between 18-32 and it seems the sparkling wine industry has not been left out.

Getting in touch with the millennial market is important for the wine industry as they make up a large part of their audience and have a huge impact on the buying habits of the future.

However, the industry is still unsure of what this generation wants, as they are more likely to switch drinks than be loyal to one type or brand. Without that intrinsic loyalty, millennials are open to trying to things and less likely to obey to pre-conceived ideas of certain drinks – which is one reason Prosecco has become so popular amongst younger people.

Another reason Prosecco has gained favour with this generation is the sweeter taste. Millennials are more likely to go for a sweeter, fruitier sparkling wine.

The association that bubbly is only for special occasions is also less apparent for younger people, who are more often partaking in a glass after work as an everyday luxury.

Another aspect that resonates with the millennial generation is the story of the wine. Consumers enjoy knowing what grapes are used, where it was produced and exactly what’s in the glass.

What does this mean for the sparkling wine industry?

With the change in habits, the sparkling wine industry must adapt to what people want. As the story and connection to the wine are more important, wine point systems may become less important.

It’s a positive sign for other sparkling wines from around the world besides Champagne, as millennials are more willing to branch out and try something unusual.

Unsurprisingly, millennials are more likely to buy low-mid priced bubbly, likely because they have less disposable income to spend.

This year, this generation became the demographic with the most buying power, so it’s important for the wine industry to take note of their habits. It is an exciting and fast-changing time for the industry.

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