Milos: New Greek Restaurant opens in London

3rd September 2015

Milos: New Greek Restaurant opens in London

A new Greek restaurant has opened it’s doors this month on London’s Regent Street.

Milos already has locations in Montréal, Miami, New York, Las Vegas and Athens.

With a strong emphasis on sharing (as it “brings people together and enriches the culinary experience”), Milos serves a selection of beautiful Greek food. Including a range of fish and seafood, salads and meat.

Milos also has an attractive wine list, including a sparkling from Greece ( Brut, Amalia, Tselepos, Arcadia). There’s a solid selection of vintage, NV and rosé Champagne’s to choose from, predominantly Bruts. Sparkling wines pair wonderfully with seafood, so it’s an ideal combination.

If you try this new restaurant out, let us know what you think!

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