Misal, Croatian Sparkling Wine

12th May 2015


In north-west Istria, Croatia two sisters are gaining attention for their impressive selection of sparkling wines.

Ana and Katarina Peršurić are unlike many other winemakers – they’re young, they’re women and they are producing wines in a region not generally known for sparkling wine.

The sisters followed in the centuries-old wine-making tradition of their family and starting production of their wines in the nineties.

Prior to that, they were already toying with the idea of making sparkling wine just like their family had. After Ana asked a tutor at college about the idea, they replied that “Croatia will never produce good sparkling wine” –  the sisters were determined to prove the the tutor wrong.

The Peršurić sisters then went to Epernay and returned with experts to teach them and to help set up a sparkling winery.

Thanks to their determination and help from the family, what began as a modest winery is now one of the largest wine producers in Croatia, producing over 40,000 bottles a year.

As well as using native grapes, they’ve also proved they can use international varieties too. This makes for a fantastic selection of sparkling wines,  Misal Blanc de blancs, Misal Prestige, Misal Blanc de noirs, Misal Millennium, Misal Istra, Misal Noir, Misal Rose and Misal Roug.

Misal wines are very food friendly and make a great and unique addition to any restaurant menu.

The village of Peršurići (named after the family) is off the beaten track so it can be trickier to find – but if you get the opportunity, it’s worth it!

Pacta Connect are the exclusive importers of Misal sparkling wines to the UK and Ireland



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