Misal Special Selection

27th May 2015

Misal Rouge – Demi Sec

Terran sorts, Muscatel Rose of Poreč and Istrian Malvasia are used for the production of this attractive sparkling wine.

We recommend it as desert sparkling wine with pastry with little or no cream, such as Istrian fritule (plain dark-flour fritter) and kroštule (region typical fried pastry), also with fruit, especially strawberries and other berry fruits.


Misal Rose – Sec

A sparkling wine of marvelous rosy shades, based on Pinot Noir, with the addition of Istrian Malvasia and Chardonnay.

We recommend it as aperitif and especially at festivities for female guests, and with dishes made of oyster, scampi, St. Jacques shells, or with eis-cream deserts.


Misal Noir

A unique black sparkling wine, based on Borgonja, Hrvatica and Terran.

We recommend it to complete your dishes of Istrian prosciutto ham, sheep-milk cheese, cod-fish, red meat and game dishes.




Glass of Bubbly

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