Montpellier Brut & Brut Rosé, South African Sparkling WIne

28th November 2015

Montpellier Brut & Brut Rosé

Steeped in a rich history of wine making, Montpellier has been producing award-winning wines since the 1890s. Located in Tulbagh, South Africa.

Brut MCC-2010
Varietal: Pinot Noir + Chardonnay

Winemaking: grapes are picked at 18-19 B, and fermented with bayanus yiest in order have a less phenolic base wine. Secondary fermentation is done in bottle, after which the bottles are stored for extended lees contact of up to 3 years prior to disgorging.

Tasting Notes: On the nose the MCC is quite yeasty with elements of strawberry, vanilla and ginger gently rising through the mousse. The zesty crisp citrus fruits delicately carry through to the palate with an effervescent finish. This wine can be enjoyed as a welcoming drink or with light salads, oysters and smoked salmon


Brut Rose (MCC) 2007 – 2007
Varietal: Pinot Noir (100%)

Winemaking:Colour pick-up from the red grape, Pinot Noir, is minimised by maturing control at harvest and minimum skin contact during processing the basewine is bottled to undergo second fermentation. After completing second fermentation (6 months) the yeast cells die and settle at the bottom (side) of the bottle. Bottle maturation takes place for another 14 months which enhances the complexity of this Method Cap Classic (MCC) bouquet.

Tasting Notes: This bright, fresh and intense salmon-pink Brut rose tickles the nose with aromas of fresh berries, black cherries and a hint of mushroom with a fine bead. It’s a full fl avoured sparkling wine which builds as the wine sits on the palate, delivering on the promise of the aroma, arousing slightly toasted fl avours, surrounding a core of crushed strawberry and forest fruits.

Best Served chilled at 8°C to 10°C with or without food. This is an absolute hit with rich creamy soups and dishes that have an inherent ‘toasty’ character, such as puff-pastry dishes. This MCC can be associated with luxury foods such as foie gra, caviar, black and white truffles, oysters and the fi nest smoked salmon.


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