More than 5,000 Bottles of English Bubbly Set Sail for the US

22nd August 2016

More than 5

The biggest ever shipment of English sparkling wine has been sent to America.  More than 5,000 bottles – the first full container of English fizz to be exported anywhere – left Southampton docks as the result of a partnership between drinks exporter The British Bottle Company and New Jersey-based Vine Street Imports.  This marks an important step towards fulfilling UK wine producers’ recent commitment to achieve a tenfold increase in exports of English wine by 2020.

The 20-foot container was loaded with twelve different wines from across the country, including Digby Fine English, Hush Heath Estate, Bolney Wine Estate and Camel Valley.

They will initially be distributed to specialist retailers and restaurants across New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Washington DC, Massachusetts, Georgia, Montana and Maryland.  They will also be exhibited at trade fairs and marketing and brand-building activities held by the British Bottle Company, including a wine portfolio launch for US press and Sommeliers at the British Consul’s Residence in New York on 13th October.  Further shipments will follow in the coming months.

Glass of Bubbly

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