Mother’s Day Treat

12th March 2021

Mother's Day Treat

We all love our mother’s and we should always show appreciation towards them no matter what day it is, but there is one day a year that never goes amiss on their calendars and that’s Mother’s Day, the day set out to love and appreciate your Mom, Mum, Mother, Mama and many other different ways of saying the word that means so much to us, so this Mother’s Day why not surprise her with a bottle of bubbly and a slice of cake!

Here are is a list of different countries and how they say, Mum:

  • Italian – Mamma
  • Irish – Mamaí
  • Portuguese – Mãe
  • Romanian – Mămică
  • Danish – Mor
  • Finnish – Äiti
  • Czech – Maminka

As it’s Mother’s Day I wanted to go for a Meditation Champagne.

An addictive wine for those special relaxing times. This wine will express itself more and more the longer it is opened and the longer it stays in your glass.

Mother’s Day Champagne – Paul Launois

Husband and wife team, Julien and Sarah Launois help in creating a fine range of Champagnes, they are based in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, France, Champagne Paul Launois is run by Julien Launois and Sarah Launois creates the artistic labels on their bottles, if you ever visit their winery you will get to see some of her creative works of art in the winery and tasting room. You can check out our Trip To Champagne Paul Launois here.

Julien Launois is an entrepreneurial winemaker, he created the very unique ‘Single Barrel’ opportunity, where you can buy your very own barrel of Champagne, but what makes this so special is that you get to decide how your Champagne is made.

You choose the cask, dosage and how long to ages it for, but you don’t need years of experience in winemaking to do it, Julien the winemaker will help you every step of the way on how to make your perfect Champagne.

Each barrel contains the same Champagne, his Chardonnay du Mesnil on Oger Grand Cru terroir, the barrels will each contain 216 bottles of your Grand Cru Champagne.

To find out more about the ‘Singe Barrel’ opportunity, just click here.

One very nice final piece of information to note is that the company is currently named after Julien and Sarah’s son, Paul Launois.

Champagne Paul Launois Monochrome #1 Tasting Notes

Aroma – “Smooth nutty, toasty and pastry aromas.”

Flavour – “Nutty, floral, oaky and toasty flavours.”

This Champagne Won a Gold Medal in the Meditation Category at The World’s Finest Glass of Bubbly Awards 2020.

The Red Velvet Cake

Pairing Tasting Notes

Flavour – “The Champagne slices through the red velvet chocolaty flavours adding Dessert like nuttiness to the cake, a burst of chalky citrus from the Champagne also reduces the high levels of sweetness in the palate to allow subtle creamy dark chocolate flavours to surface.”

Oliver Walkey

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Writer, Focused on Bringing the Exciting and Fascinating World of Bubbly to You.