Move over Prosecco, Pignoletto’s in Town!

1st December 2016


Pignoletto is a little known sparkling wine from Italy.

Waitrose have only stocked Pignoletto since October and its been so popular that its Cleto Chiarli Brut has already sold out. Don’t worry though the supermarket is buying more in time for Christmas.

Pignoletto is  grown in the hills of Bologna in Emilia-Romagna, Italy. It delivers a crisp, light juice, suitable for producing bubbly. It is youthful, refreshing and easy to drink with flavours of pears and ripe apples.

Pignoletto originally referred to a grape variety grown in Bologna in Emilia-Romagna (north-east Italy), not far from where Prosecco is made. The name is now being used to refer to the sparkling wine, while the grape is called Grechetto.

Like Prosecco, Pignoletto wines are made using the Charmat method (second fermentation in steel tanks) which produces a lighter, fruitier taste that’s less complex and fine than Champagne.

However, this refreshing, no-fuss bubbly, sells for as little as £7.


Glass of Bubbly

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