Moving To Texas Wine Country? Here’s What You Should Know About Making The Big Investment

8th March 2021


For anyone looking to purchase a ranch property and move to Texas wine country, it is vital to note that there is a high demand for vintage wines. Making your long-awaited move to wine country is the best thing to do if you want to invest in a winery. You will, however, need to take time to conduct extensive research in order to understand the different wines and the best ones to invest in for you to get high returns. Here’s everything you should know about investing in your winery.

Find Out The Provenance Of The Wine

It is wise to make sure you know the source, history, and life cycle of the wine you want to purchase before exploring Texan ranches. This will give you an idea of the big picture before you move to the area, and you can tailor your whole lifestyle according to your plans for a winery. Tracing the wine’s provenance will enable you know what value to give it, which will give you an idea of your price range when you’re buying a property. Once you’re ready to invest in your wines, check that they have been properly stored and dated for consumption. Check for signs that suggest that the wine may have been stored in unfavorable conditions, such as poor color, shrunken corks, or seepage.

Contacting a wine portfolio manager can provide you with expert knowledge and inventory management. A wine portfolio manager will also help you to conduct research and select the best wine to sell.

Investment Strategy, Market Risks And Shipping Costs

Although the wine businesses faces downturns, you can be assured that the price of fine wines will experience constant periods. When the type of wine you are selling has high demand, the cost of the wine will also increase. Investing in wine will guarantee you a 10% annual return. The wine business is one of the fastest growing businesses, so you can count on improving your business and increasing your returns.

Determine the different market risks before investing in your winery. At times, you may not know the ideal point at which to sell your wine. Identify fake grade wines, and keep in mind that your expensive wines may be mishandled during storage or transportation: always be vigilant of quality.

Before investing in the winery business, you must also know the costs you will incur while shipping your wine. Knowing the costs will keep you more informed. Be careful to choose the right wine shipping company for your business.

Taxes And Assets

The only costs you will need to incur when you decide to invest in the wine business are the shipping tariffs. You can reduce the rates you pay for the storage by using the bonded warehouse, which is a secured area for storing merchandise. When you invest in a winery, you will not need to pay for any inheritance tax or capital gains, and you will gain a physical asset. You will get to sell the wines locally – another reason to consider the location of your ranch carefully.

Moving to Texas wine country is a dream for many wine loves. If you’re interested in selling wine, it’s the ideal approach: you will get to live on a ranch and manage your winery, safe in the knowledge that you’re selling only the best.


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