MUMM Launches World First Connected Champagne Bottle

3rd June 2015

MUMM Launches World First Connected Champagne Bottle

Mumm have launched a new bottle that combines the physical world with the digital.

The moment the cork is popped a sensor links to a receiver in the venue’s audio and visual system triggering a pre-programmed sound and visual experience that can be personalised by each venue.

The VIP launch took place on-board Mumm’s private yacht in Monte Carlo, before the Formula 1 Grand Prix. The event was hosted by musician, Mark Ronson, who had the honour of popping the cork.

Philippe Guettat, chairman and chief executive officer at Mumm House of Champagne, said: “The launch of this ground-breaking initiative with Mark Ronson propels Mumm’s ongoing mission to be an icon of victory, to bring innovative firsts to the world, and ultimately to create truly thrilling experiences that enhance the moment of the Champagne celebration.”

Ronson added: “Launching the world’s first connected Champagne bottle with Mumm and handing the Jeroboam to Nico Rosberg at the Monaco Grand Prix was an incredible experience, and one I feel privileged to have been a part of. ”

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