Negroni Sbagliato Cocktail

18th November 2022

Negroni Sbagliato Cocktail Glass of Bubbly Cocktail

Thanks to the release of HBO’s House of Dragons and the fact that the actors discussing their favourite drinks went viral on TikTok, the Negroni Sbagliato Cocktail saw an increase of 501%, around 60,000 Google searches in the 30 days afterward, the Cocktail has hit new heights in terms of popularity.

But it wasn’t just House of Dragons that got people talking about and drinking Negronis. In the film Uncharted, starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, the main character, Nathan Drake crafted a Negroni at the beginning of the film in the Pelican Pub, which certainly would have piqued the interest of a lot of people.

“The Negroni, first made in 1919 for Count Camillo Negroni, when he swapped the Soda Water in his usual drink, the Americano, for Gin.” – Nathan Drake

If you’ve seen the film, Uncharted, you’ll get the above reference, but is what he said in the film actually true?

The true creation of the Negroni Cocktail is not 100% understood, it’s believed that Pascal Olivier Count de Negroni concocted it by asking his bartender, Fosco Scarselli, to strengthen his favorite cocktail, the Americano, by adding gin rather than the normal soda water. Mostly true so far.

The bartender would then also add an orange garnish rather than the typical lemon garnish of the Americano to signify that it was a different drink.

Pascal Olivier Count de Negroni would love the Cocktail and we’d then see the Negroni family create Negroni Distillerie in Treviso, Italy, where they started to produce a ready-made version of the drink, sold under the name Antico Negroni in the 1919s.

The factual accuracy of Camillo Negroni was investigated by historian David Wondrich, Camillo Negroni was a real guy, but his Count status is questionable, we do know that his grandfather Luigi Negroni was a Count and that his descendant General Pascal Olivier de Negroni stated that he was indeed a Count and that he was the one who invented the drink in 1857 in Senegal.

A French newspaper would then publish a story stating the Negroni’s creation in 1914, so an aspect of controversy looms over the official origins and creation of this famous and loved Cocktail.

The Sparkling Wine

The Vineyards of Bianchin are located in the heart of Montello, where nature and memories unite, shining light on a glorious past for the Bianchin family.

Responsible for the production of their Asolo DOCG Prosecco, the family takes great care in nurturing the vines, with the hope that the terroir of the land is captured within the fruit and that it speaks its greatness and shares its secrets in nobility and richness in spirit.

Bianchin – Asolo DOCG Prosecco Brut Millesimato – Tasting Notes

Aroma – “Soft expressions of green pears and white pears, green cooking apples and floral notes on the aroma.”

Flavour – “White pepper, white pears, white fruits, green apples and salty sea air on the palate.”

Bronze Medal in the Light & Fruity Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2022

Sacred Spirits

Sacred Spirits was founded in 2008 by Ian Hart & Hilary Whitney.

Ian Hart grew up in the same house in Highgate where Sacred Spirits was first created, but the operation outgrew the house, and for the past two years the distillery has been based at 50 Highgate High Street where they also have a bottle shop and host gin tastings and Make Your Own Gin events.

The drinks of Sacred Spirits are designed to Ian Hart’s exact specification, taking control of every step of the process, with bespoke handblown glassware from York to the handling of ingredients and recipes, which allows him to blend the best Sacred Spirits.

Sacred English Spiced Vermouth – Tasting Notes

Aroma – “Spiced plum, orange peel, cinnamon, cloves, and hints of vanilla on the aroma.”

Flavour – “Smooth, with a faint bitter touch, combing beautifully with a sweetness, spiced plum, cloves, dark red berries, heading into a mulled wine expression on the palate.”

Sacred Rosehip Cup – Tasting Notes

Aroma – “Rhubarb, pink and red rose petals and ginger notes on the aroma.”

Flavour – “Bitters, rhubarb, dark red rose petals, and faint notes of ginger on the length.”

Glass of Bubbly’s Negroni Sbagliato Cocktail


  • Bianchin – Prosecco
  • Sacred Rosehip Cup
  • Sacred English Spiced Vermouth
  • Orange Twist
  • Ice

How To Make Glass of Bubbly’s Negroni Sbagliato Cocktail

  • Fill Glass with Ice Cubes
  • Pour in 30mls of Sacred Rosehip Cup
  • 30mls of Sacred English Spiced Vermouth
  • Then Add 30mls of Prosecco
  • Garnish with an Orange Twist

Glass of Bubbly’s Negroni Sbagliato Cocktail Tasting Notes

Aroma – “Sweet Christmas Orange characters, freshly baked spice cake, joyous tangerine skin and so much festive goodness on the aroma.”

Flavour – “A sweet and bitter combo, sweet spices, bitter orange characters, sweet tangerine flesh, powdered raw cinnamon and more to experience on the palate.” 

Oliver Walkey

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