New Beginners’ Wine Guide Helps Schools in Sierra Leone

22nd August 2016

New Beginners' Wine Guide Helps Schools in Sierra Leone

Wine entrepreneur Jerry Lockspeiser is to publish a new beginners’ wine guide, called YOUR WINE QUESTIONS ANSWERED: The 25 things wine drinkers most want to know, with 100% of its profits being used to build primary schools in Sierra Leone.  The guide features a chapter that answers the question: ‘What is the difference between Champagne and Cava?’


The book  aims to educate and entertain people who like to drink wine, but do not know much about it.  Other chapters explain whether supermarket own-label wines are any good and why most people prefer cheaper to more expensive wines.  Its revenues will go to social enterprise The Millione Foundation, set up by Lockspeiser and two other wine entrepreneurs, who will work with charity ActionAid to build a new school in the African country.  The Foundation has already helped build five schools, educating 1,500 pupils.

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